About Us

The riding community is a family with the passion for riding often passed from generation to generation. At Dirt Nurse, we strive to make sure our customers can enjoy and share their love for riding as much as we do.
Dirt Nurse falls under the Chemitique umbrella. We have five different divisions that fall under Chemitique: Dirt Nurse, Naughty, Liquid Gold, Elite, and Liquid Lumo. These five divisions ensure we cater to all industries.
Chemitique has been around for over 18 years and is one of Johannesburg’s leading cleaning product companies, only manufacturing and supplying the best quality cleaning products.
We supply top class chemicals to many different industries, but specialize in the bike & motor industries.  We pride ourselves on supplying to the finest blue-chip companies in South Africa. Recommendations are gladly provided and welcomed for your peace of mind.
Our top clients have been with us since we started our company and have remained loyal for the past eighteen years, just proving that once you have the best, there is never a need to look elsewhere.
We are revolutionizing the industry and making cleaning something that one enjoys and has fun with. Our soap oozes quality, bursts with fragrances and explodes with a beautiful mixture of indulgent pleasure and unsurpassed quality!